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​​​Our past.... 
Dragon Run Saddle Club was founded on June 14th 1978.  Originally, the club was incorporated to host horse shows.  As time passed the club evolved, we moved from the show ring onto the trails.  The club has always taken an active interest in local causes and charities; utilizing trail riding based fundraisers to assist numerous equine enthusiasts during times of need, accidents, illness, as well as giving to the Gloucester Mathews Humane Society, the American Cancer Society, St Jude's, Toys for Kids and many more.  Members were instrumental in the development and maintenance of the multi-use trails at Beaverdam Park, Gloucester's only public equestrian offering.  Dragon Run Saddle Club has also been a social club, a place to meet new friends, enjoy the company of old friends, and members have always been generous in mentoring new enthusiasts. 
Our present....  
Currently, our main objectives are to continue support of our local trails by continuing support of Beaverdam trails and 
lobbying for new trails.  We accomplish this by joining together and as a club: speaking as a united voice to our 
local government representatives when trail or equine issues arise, laboring together to maintain our trails, and working 
as a team to hold fundraisers in the support these efforts.  We also enjoy the fellowship and camaraderie of monthly club meetings, monthly club newsletters, monthly club rides, attending outside events as a club, and some friendly
competition for yearly club awards - miles in the saddle and volunteer hours.
​Our future......
Simply put, our future is you!  A thriving membership supports our club, our objectives, and the continuing 
fellowship between our local equine enthusiasts.  If these goals are important to you too, join us!   

​​39 years of horses, trails, friends, and fun! 

Dragon Run Saddle Club