Dragon Run Saddle Club

*Additional events hosted by other clubs, and Members Only Rides are provided to club members *only* in the monthly newsletter, members only facebook page and/or email.  

2018 Dragon Run Saddle Club Calendar

(Note:  DRSC General Meetings & Socials are held the 2nd Thursday of the month.)


January                                                                                                                     Please click the buttons below for more information!

6th - 2018 BOD Meeting                                                                                                                       Legend:  

11th - Meeting @Olivia’s at 7pm                                                                           Green = General Announcements   Red = Public Events
11th - Beginning of Incentive Programs                                                         
   Blue = Trail Workdays    Purple = Members Only Events                                                                                                                                                  
8th -
Meeting @Olivia’s at 7pm
18th -
Spring Vaccine Clinic, 10am-5pm
24th -
Trail Workday at Beaverdam, 9am-4pm.  

8th -
Meeting @Olivia’s at 7pm
17th -
Trail Workday at New Quarter Farm 9am-12pm
31st -
Mounted Easter Egg Hunt! (our Spring Fundraiser) 9am-Dark

1st -
Rain Date - Mounted Easter Egg Hunt Noon-Dark

21st - Community Yard Sale @ Tractor Supply, Gloucester 

12th - Meeting @Olivia’s at 7pm

10th -
Meeting @New Quarter Farm at 7pm
12th -
Club Only Ride

14th -
Meeting @New Quarter Farm at 7pm
16th -
Trail Workday at Beaverdam, 8am-12pm
24th -
Trail Workday at New Quarter Farm 4pm-8pm

29th - Moonlight Ride & Ice Cream Social (our Summer Fundraiser)

12th - Summer Members & Families & Guests Picnic @New Quarter Farm at 7pm

27th - Rain Date (Tentative) Moonlight Ride & Ice Cream Social, 8:30pm-12am

9th -
Meeting @New Quarter Farm at 7pm

1st, 2nd, 3rd -
Club Only Camping Weekend
13th -
Meeting @New Quarter Farm at 7pm
Fall Vaccine Clinic

6th -
Community Yard Sale @ Tractor Supply, Gloucester 

11th - Meeting @Olivia’s at 7pm
14th -
Trail Workday at New Quarter Farm 2pm-Dark
27th - Halloween Who Dun It, Murder Mystery Ride (our Fall Fundraiser) 9am-Dark

28th - Rain Date - Halloween Who Dun It, Murder Mystery Ride, 9am-Dark

8th -
Meeting @Olivia’s at 7pm
11th -
Trail Workday at Beaverdam, Noon-Dark

1st - 
Gloucester Holiday Parade

2nd - Trail Workday at New Quarter Farm 2pm-Dark
8th - Holiday Toys Ride (our Winter Fundraiser) Noon-Dark
15th -
End of Incentive Programs
29th -
Members Holiday Party, 6pm-til