Incentive Programs started January 11th 2018 !

Dragon Run Saddle Club Incentive Programs 

Miles in the Saddle
Keep track of your hours or miles in the saddle, the location, and date.  At the end of each month email this information to Hours in the saddle will be converted to miles at the rate of 4mph.  This information will be included in the monthly newsletter and the club website.

Volunteer Hours
Keep track of the time you spend working on DRSC events, local trails, and/or representing our club at functions.  Email at the end of each month with the following information:  time spent, activity performed, location of activity, and purpose of activity.

 The Fine Print
Incentive programs run from January 11th to December 15th.  Incentive programs are meant to encourage and reward Members thru healthy competition.  Please utilize the honor system in reporting your updates.  Event Coordinator will keep log for all programs.  Programs close promptly on December 15th 2018 and all results must be received by that date.  Final results and awards will be presented at Holiday Party scheduled for December 29th, 2018.

Incentive Program Improvements & Changes for 2018

Email address exclusively for this program:
Report data to this address only.  Please report only required data.

Volunteer hours *must* be for time volunteering for or with the club.  
ie: preparing for events, trail work, representing the club at events.

Minimum accumulation for end of year awards will be:
25 volunteer hours and/or 76 riding miles (=19 riding hours).

The program will be active for over a month longer in 2018!
Starting January 11th 2018  -  Ending December 15th 2018 
(Last year was February 1, 2017 - December 1, 2017.)

You will receive email requests for your data and updated standings in the newsletter more frequently!

2017 Incentive Program Winners!

Betty Mayo - High Mileage Rider  (1200+ miles)                 Angie Leigh - Top Volunteer (200+ hours)

Finley Barber - High Mileage Junior Rider                            Charlotte Evans - Top Junior Volunteer

Kudos to all our participants!

       Volunteer Hours -                 Jen Smith                   151                                

                                                      Karen McDowell        44          

                                                      Cindy Evans               40 

                                                      Luke Evans                 40 


         Miles in the Saddle -           Jen Smith                 734   

                                                     Connie Spence          659 
                                                     Deborah Butler         607 
                                                     Debbie Yakalavich     419 

                                                     Valerie Brown            346

                                                     Karen McDowell        184

                                                     Wanda Hazzard         114

                                                     Shelley Eldridge         91

​                                                     Angie Leigh                 37
                                                     Sunny McAlister       28
                                                     Linda Weiss                 25

Dragon Run Saddle Club