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Big changes for DRSC in 2017!  

We feel the future of Dragon Run Saddle Club and the future of trail riding in our area is intertwined;

this is taking our club in a new direction, a new journey, one that we hope you will join us on.  

Our new Mission Statement:

To protect, preserve, support, and assist in maintaining the current and future equestrian trails in  Gloucester County, VA and

surrounding areas; by fundraising, lobbying, maintaining, as well as partnering with government agencies and their representatives.

To encourage and support legislation, rules, ordinances, and policies which are 

with the continued access of current equestrian trails and creation of new equestrian trails.

   To stimulate an interest, encourage, and promote equestrian 
trail riding in Gloucester County, VA and surrounding areas.

To promote and maintain partnerships with other trail users; and to educate in relation to trail use.

   To promote the horse and riding as a distinct pleasure; promoting 
good conduct, sportsmanship, safety, and conservation practices.

To exist as a social club, facilitating recreational and social activities of like minded enthusiasts.

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Incentive Programs started February 1st !

Don't forget to start logging you miles, hours, and recruits.

Dragon Run Saddle Club


We are now offering two tiers of membership.  

Associate Membership is offered to our newest Members, this provides an opportunity to enjoy the club's offerings while learning

how business is conducted and without the pressures of Full Member responsibilities.  You may stay in this status as long as you like.

Full Membership can be requested after one year as an Associate Member.  This also provides an opportunity to enjoy

the club's regular offerings as well as several "Full Members Only" offerings, while serving in a capacity that allows you to make

positive changes within the club.  You may stay in this status as long as your club responsibilities are met.

​Yearly Dues are $35/Single or $50/Family

(there are no additional fees to participate in club incentive programs)