Spring Vaccine Clinic

c/o Bridle Creek Veterinary Service

Fall Fundraiser - Halloween Murder Mystery Ride!

Members Only Moonlight Ride

Spring 2017 Trail Workday at Beaverdam Park

July Members Picnic

at New Quarter Farm, Gloucester, VA

Members Only Camping Weekend

‚Äčat Belmead Plantation

2018 "Halloween Who Dun It"  ride  at New Quarter Farm

2017 Holiday Party!

2018 "Toys Ride"  at New Quarter Farm

2018  Moonlight Ride at New Quarter Farm

Spring 2018 Trail Workday at Beaverdam Park

Summer Trail Workday at Beaverdam Park

Our tasks were to take down a beaver dam blocking water flow under the correct end of the bridge, to clear vegetation off  the bridge, and to trim the trail to and from the bridge.

Members Only Holiday Ride!
New Quarter Farm, Gloucester VA

Spring Fundraiser - Easter Egg Hunt!

New Quarter Farm, Gloucester VA

November Trail Workdays
New Quarter Farm, Gloucester VA

Dragon Run Saddle Club